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Alpha Childbirth classes opened my eyes to what practical faith in Gods grace can look like. I experienced His grace, strength and love so fully in the natural birth of my daughter. Alpha classes gave my husband the strength and determination to help me stand for what we wanted for our daughter. I’d recommend these classes to any Christian couple planning a family!


Despite not being my exact birth plan, birth far exceeded my expectations and I can honestly say I really loved and enjoyed giving birth! I felt able to access Jesus and the holy spirit and had a very peaceful and beautiful delivery.  I look back with such wonderful memories.



Thank you for all of your help and guidance through my labor & delivery.  You really guided us through it all, and helped us bring our beautiful daughter into the world!

                      ~ Natalie & Frank

My doula was Melanie *******. She was amazing! From the moment we first talked about my pregnancy, she was supportive and informative. She helped to educate me on all things pregnancy, birth and baby. Melanie helped us to write our birth plan since we didn't even know what one was. I was able to have the birth I wanted with support from Melanie. Since she is also an aromatherapist, we were able to use essential oils to help keep us calm and relaxed in the room and for other things along the way. All the nurses said they loved coming in my room since it always smelled so wonderful! I am not sure my husband and I would have done so well on our own. Having a doula in the delivery room made all the difference. I will always request Melanie to be my doula for any future pregnancies.

As far as a postpartum doula, Melanie was wonderful, too! She cooked and did some housekeeping for us. She changed diapers and held our little one so my husband and I could nap. We were very fortunate to have her for 5 days after the birth of our son. She also helped so much by helping me figure out the best way to nurse my son. There are so many things that have to be learned in a matter of hours and she was by our side every step of the way! We couldn't have done it without her! - Well ... maybe we could have, but we wouldn't want to.

Posted 8/15/2016

Thank you so much for being there for us! You helped me get through such a difficult birth experience and I don’t know that I could’ve worked as hard without your support! 💙


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