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Most post-natal problems can easily be sorted out with only one visit.  However, prevention is far better than trying to correct a problem after it has begun. Single visits can also be used to simply have the reassurance that latching and positioning are good and alternatives are understood.

3 VISIT BUNDLE - $ 450


I recommend this for first time mothers who have either very little or no breastfeeding support network around them or have known health concerns that are likely to impact on breastfeeding. The first visit is usually a prenatal visit.  The second visit is held immediately after birth and the third is as needed but usually around the 2 week mark.



I am happy to come to you for middle of the night feeding problems.  Call as needed.

Does baby try to nurse but "pop off" and fuss?

Do you feel like baby isn't satisfied after nursing?

Do your breasts hurt? Are they cracked or red and hot?

Does it seem like baby has gone on a "Nursing Strike?"

All of these and more are challenges that I have helped to address and overcome.  


Allow me to come in an support you; help remove fears; and teach you how to bond and enjoy the special time with your precious little one.

*Travel rates may apply for distances over 1 hour from Chattanooga, TN.

**FaceTime, Skype, or Facebook Video may also be used if preferred.

***You will receive a receipt with information to file for reimbursement with your insurance. 

     Please check with your insurance company to see if services are covered.

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