$60 per Session
Flexible appointment times to fit with your busy schedule!

  6 Sessions - $350 ($10 Savings)

12 Sessions - $665 ($55 Savings)

18 Sessions - $995 ($85 Savings)

24 Sessions - $1,320 ($120 Savings)

(Sessions can be used for Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy or First-Year Coaching)

  • "Will I EVER get pregnant?"
  • "My body is doing weird things!"
  • "How will work pan out?"
  • Money issues MULTIPLIED
  • "I have some symptoms  that require closer attention."
  • "How do you hold a baby AND try to give a bath?"
  • "Is baby's poop supposed to be this color?"
  • "How should I prepare for pregnancy?"
  • "What do we REALLY need to buy?"
  • "People are treating me differently."
  • "How is my life going to change?"
  • "Will our relationship change?"
  • "How do I know when baby needs to go to the doctor?"
  • "What will labor and birth be like???"

Do these questions resonate with you?  Then, this is the service you need!

You will receive expert guidance and help you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally as your prepare for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


I promise to listen, give you a safe, non-judgmental place to process your emotions and concerns.  Then, as needed, I will offer my experience and expertise, giving you tools and concepts to help you walk away with a new action plan or insight.

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